Box of Dreams

HarperCollins | Written by Faith Kazmi | Edited by Megan Ilnitzki | Designed by Rachel Zegar

A little girl watches as her mama fills up a big box, but this is no ordinary package. It has a special name: the balikbayan box. They pack all sorts of gifts & treats for their family in the Philippines, but the girl has a secret wish to send along Inside.

A wish to fly with the box to meet her cousins, Lola, and their family and see and experience all the places where Mama grew up. A wish she hopes will one day come true.

May 7th, 2024

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"A mother and child connect with loved ones by post and shared memory in Kazmi’s cheerfully told debut. Specific details capture the care that goes into the final product, and Almeda’s inventive digital images, which show Mama placed in moments of reminiscence while packing the box, add imaginative flair to this straightforward telling with a connective heart." — Publishers Weekly

"Almeda perfectly matches the cozy tone of Kazmi’s evenly paced, tender tale with warm colors and expressive cartoons that fill each page. This is one big package of love and joy." — Kirkus Reviews

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