1. Hello New Year!

    2024-01-15 15:08:06 UTC
    I know we’re already half way through the first month of the year, but I promised a look back at 2023! If you follow me on Instagram (@eychristine), you may have seen I shared that I made monthly illustrations for most of the year, had a debut-illustrated picture book come…

  2. Lolo’s Sari-Sari Store: Sketches

    2023-10-23 17:02:38 UTC
    Hello October I’ve been wanting to write this blog post for a while, but some personal life events (birthing a human!!!), as well as working on a book deadline, has delayed me just a bit. But here it is! Early character sketches from LOLO’S SARI-SARI STORE written by Sophia N.…

  3. My 2023 Goal

    2023-07-25 03:35:04 UTC
    One of my goals this year has been to create a new illustration every month. Not sure what I’d find in terms of growth, or whether it be a more simple composition or a detailed piece, I wanted at least 12 new illustrations to look back at by the end

  4. Illustration Process: Finding Baby Butterflies

    2023-06-13 01:29:28 UTC
    Hello! Happy Summer!  I’m going to be honest - I’ve attempted making an art blog multiple times in my time as a freelancer. Whether it be to make note of my progress for personal reference, or to ramble on about a creative process, the thoughts have come and gone.  I’m…

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